How pretty am I

What you think. This is my 4th try in growing

Hopefully I get some type of harvest from her.

Do I need to do anything to her

Above is another picture of my little garden


Looking good and healthy
Maybe look into a little defoliation tactics
For air circulation (prevents bud rot and helps with pest management also gets some more light to bud sites)

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Don’t copy off me just an example of what I’ve done I’m not an expert I learned from others on here

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Should I just remove large fan leaves

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Locking great!

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I’d clean out her undercarriage.


I really wish I was confident enough to tell you exactly

But the more knowledgeable ones will be here soon

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I’d pick a mid sized leaf and pick off any larger leaves.

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Speak of the devil @oldmarine
@Hotstuffmom listen to him


If you do a sharp object is better (less stress) than to pluck by hand

I love to defoliate. I hover over my plants a lot (I currently have 10) and usually walk away with a handful of leaves.

I lollipop my plants towards the end of veg. Some people wait until 3 weeks of flower. When you stress out your plant it needs time to recover. That’s why I do it in veg.

I cut out the bottom third of the plant. Anything that doesn’t reach halfway up the plant is removed. I then remove the growth on the bottom third of each remaining branch. Then I pick a mid sized leaf and remove all the larger leaves.

I do alright.


How about on the bud sites ?
Any advice on cleaning these up?
Or just use the exact same system as above?

I know I should have been more aggressive earlier
Now that I have a better idea of how the plant grows I’ll be lollipopping in veg as well …didn’t really understand how the plant grew until it happened in front of me

At this point I’d be removing any leaf not attached to a bud sight I was planning on keeping. That’s just me though.


That makes sense …so if I’m keeping a stalk or a cola growing …leave those leaves alone?
And trim off the rest?

See that big leaf sticking towards the camera. That leaf and all it’s big brothers would be gone. If the leaf is attached to a branch with a growth longer than a couple of inches, I remove it. I’d leave the top (new) growth alone, but I’d remove every leaf that is not attached to a bud sight (not a branch) I intend to keep.

Try it this way. Remove all the large leaves. All over the plant. Now remove the next largest. Keep doing that until you have opened up the plant.


Lol ok that did it ….sorry I totally get it now …
I’m getting to work hahah !! One more question I read or thought maybe you responded to a post and said if the branch isn’t the size of a pencil or so it’s gone ?

Would you let this grow at this point like is that too late to cut or should I think of ir as a sample hahah

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With me it’s if the branch doesn’t reach halfway up the plant, it’s gone.

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Well there’s always next grow lol


Thank you for answering so many questions …I am very grateful !!!


Looking alot better, she will thank you later.
It’s really tough to attack a plant you’ve been working so hard on but it’s for the best. Like culling