How old should a plant be to start flowering



I’m a newbie with one successful(?) plant about
12 " high. It shows no sign of flowers or the like, Am I doing something wrong? Or is it the natural progression of things,


are you growing indoors or outside?


That would depend…

Is it an Autoflower or photoperiod plant ?


photoperiod plant


the plant is an indoor one


photoperiod plants grown indoors will not switch over to flower until you adjust the light schedule to 12/12… if they are getting more than 12 hours of light they will just continue to veg.


You want your plant to have been in a vegetative state for at least a month before inducing flower by reducing the light to 12/12. You should start out with the light ON 18 hrs. and OFF for 6 hours.

A month in veg state means. after the plant has at least 4-5 alternating sets of leaves. This shows it has an established root zone, and can be fed light nutrients, unless you are growing in amended soil that has fertilizer, or Organic mixes.

So; When your plant has been in the veg cycle for a month, you can induce flowering by changing lights to 12/12. I usually veg my plants at least 2 months or longer for bigger higher yielding plants but, you can consider a plant mature at about 5 weeks from seed or a month in veg.

Make sense? cool