How old do they look? Am I doing OK?

this is white widow I started from seed. I fed them to much to early and they got sick. I flushed and did a soil change but it took about three weeks to bounce back. im growing under a 2x4 8 bulb HO. attached is also a pick of the grow room showing their size about 2weeks ago. this is my first grow and I dont really have any local mentors. how old do they look? do they look healthy and are they growing at a good rate?


Looking very happy, good job! :+1:

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They look like they’ve bounced back and are doing fine. The slight curl downward in the leaves though…

Some strains do have a claw look to them. I don’t remember my WW having that. Perhaps a tad too much water? Or, perhaps they are still recouping a little. Other than that they look great and I would say you’re in the 5th-6th week.

Clawing is nitrogen toxicity, she is on the way to recovery and bouncing back

Oh yeah. You should have fun training that. Happy growing :slight_smile: