How often to water

I am going on vacation and wondering what to do about watering. I just planted her (zkittles auto) into the 2 gallon P4P yesterday. She will be under a abriselux 1500 light about 16 hours a day while I’m gone. Currently 16 inches under the light. I have someone to check on them ( my outside photos also) every 2 days or so, but he doesn’t really know anything about growing. Me either for that point lol
Can anyone urgent a watering schedule, and is my light going to be too close?
Oh, and this is a homemade tent

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The light is fine.

On watering - are you in soil or coco?

@MidwestGuy it’s the mix that comes with pot4pot

It appears to be a super soil of some sort…Standard watering for it….if it’s dry water…if it’s not don’t…try not to let it get too dry … I know kinda difficult to gauge just don’t over water and should be fine

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I can’t tell if you are in coco or soil. I see “bricks of coco” and “superb soil.” Coco and soil are watered differently. You should let soil dry out between waterings, but you cannot do this with coco, as coco becomes hydrophobic when it dried out. The only thing you will experience with dry soil (if limited to only a couple of days) is that growth will slow down.

In general, soil should be watered to runoff every 3rd or 4th day (whenever soil soil is dry.) Coco should be watered every day.

Isnt a pot4pot already pre-mixed?

Apparently its a blend of both…
Maybe this will help explain.
I just assumed pot for pot was more popular with this site, I mostly got it for the seed coupon :laughing:
I don’t have much concern for my outdoor plants, but this is my first auto indoor grow, figured this system would be a little easier
@MidwestGuy @grizZz

Thanks in advance, y’all seem extremely knowledgeable!

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see pro tip on packaging

All your watering answers are there homie :ok_hand:t2:


It looks like the mix is predominantly coco, which requires watering every day. Let’s ask @Myfriendis410. I think he is familiar with this stuff.

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True about the pro tip, but that ain’t gonna help my plants “babysitter”
He will do ok though, I hope

Here is a great case for having PH/TDS meters on hand: plant being started into a neutral medium is a great idea and using decent soil mix to grow into should get you 6 to 8 weeks in with nothing but water. Monitoring your runoff and stepping in with supplements when the salts in your medium start to fall off will keep the plant happy. This is where the meters come in. This is the best way to keep the plant supplied with nutrients but not over feeding.

Autoflowers normally require less supplements too which is something to keep in mind. PH your media to 6.0 for all watering/feeding.


Hi there! What a cute little seedling! :herb: :hugs:

Your light is a little close at this stage. Here’s our recommended hanging distance guidelines for our light:

  1. post-germination and after planting in jiffy pellet: 30 - 36 inches
  2. after the :seedling: start to show: 24 - 36 inches
  3. after transplant into pot: 24 - 32 inches
  4. throughout vegetative growth: 24 - 30 inches
  5. once flowering begins and until harvesting: 14 - 18 inches

As for watering, a seedling doesn’t need much water. In fact, overwatering is the most common problem for new growers. Cannabis prefers drier soil and she likes her soil to dry out between waterings. She did originate from the high desert after-all! :cactus:

Once you’ve transplanted, use the weight method in your Grow Guide’s Pro Tip to determine when to water. Add water to maintain about 1/3 of what the pot weighed when it was fully soaked when you set it up. Or to put it simply, pick your pot up. If she feels heavy, pass on the water for the day. If you pick up the pot and she feels light in weight, add water. In the very beginning you may not water for a week! This is the method professional growers use. That’s why you see them always picking up their pots when they walk through their grow, so that they develop an intuitive sense of what their pots should weigh, and when they need water.

Through practice, you’ll gain the same intuition about your pot. As your plant grows bigger and goes into flowering, she will drink more water, and you’ll notice your pot drying out and getting lighter faster. Learning your plant and connecting with her in this and many other ways is part of the fun of growing.

But, when in doubt, water less. Correcting an under watered plant is way easier than an overwatered plant, and it’s really easy to overestimate how much a plant drinks. :sweat_drops:

To get your questions answered quicker, our support email is We are here and always happy to talk about plants! Have a great vacation :sunglasses:

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and just tell your plant babysitter to give her a little sprinkle of water every two days-- that should keep her alive and not drowning.


They all survived!


YAY! thanks for this update! :partying_face:

This is only partially true for the a Pot for Pot systems. Because it is a soil-based system, the best pH for water is in the 6.5 - 7.0 range. Also because it is a soil-based system, measuring runoff is not necessary or provides an accurate picture of what is happening in the pot.

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I use autopots (bottom gravity feed) using soilless media (Promix HP) and I PH everything to 6.0.

I would also submit that if you are in FF soil it is lower PH than what they call out: seeing a lot of folks with low PH in that medium.

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Thanks for sharing the method that you use! That’s quite different than growing in our kits. Our Superb Soil is a custom blend that is quite different from FF.

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