How often to burn sulfur for control of disease?


To control fungus and molds in a 12" by 14" indoor grow room:

How Often and How long do I burn sulfur for?

  • any input would be great thanks :yin_yang:

Hydro, playin around

Lol typically you only use sulfur burner a few times during grow mainly to prevent disease or stop it in it’s tracks a few hours during dark cycle several times during veg is more than enough keep in mind it gets on your plants in the soil every where so doesn’t need to be done often and can mess with ph flavour and smell of your ladies so less is more maybe twice during entire grow unless you absolutely need to use it


My question is as the sulphur coats the leaves it affects the pH preventing the growth of disease

…so as new leaves grow don’t they also have to be coated ?

what I’ve been finding says burned every 7 to 10 days ?

An burn times range from 30 minutes from the vaporizer manufacturer to mostly 3 or 4 hours that I’m finding online

so I’m more confused than ever ?


@Donaldj Part of this is from fear and aggravation from what I’ve been going through with leaf spot fungus

I guess what I’m wondering is can I burn maybe every 10 days while these new plants are in veg and then adjust as needed ?

I’m wondering if I can eliminate the leaf spot fungus during veg and maybe I won’t have to burn but once or twice like you said above eventually, am I on the right track here ?

The Vaporizer directions say 30 minutes everyday until control is obtained ?


if you’ve killed the mildew or fungi and no new spread and treated the cause then it’s like taking tylenol because you may get a headache later. You can easily run it once weekly for few hours but doesn’t mean you have to (unless fungi is persisting) if it is then run it daily as directed each unit is different and in a small space doesn’t take much


Gotcha :thumbsup: So I think I’m at that point, I’ll probably burn for an hour once a week for a couple more weeks

…then once every 10 days for a couple more weeks, by then I’ll have some new veg on the new plants and I’ll go from there, thanks again Donald