How often should I top my plants?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am new to growing. How often should I top my plants? and when will they flower. They are about 2 months old now

Any time you like after the plant has established itself with a decent root system and 5 to 6 nodes of growth. It really depends on what you wish to achieve with the plant. Are you restricted to a certain height in your growspace? There are many other forms of training as well as topping you can FIM or tie your branches down. If your plants are 2 months old there is plenty of root growth and you should have several sets of well developed leaves already, so tip away. If you have auto flowering seeds you should be seeing flowers by now. If you have photoperiod seeds they will start to flower when you change the light schedule to 12/12.

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You can top a plant many times I personally only top once remember each time you do it it will take one to two weeks to fully recover so topping multiple times will extend the grow
In most case indoors you can start flowering around 6 weeks from seed if you wanted to
The longer you veg your plant the bigger she will be and the more you will yield if everything is done right that is
Also remember photo plants will generally get twice as big once they go through the two week streach after switching to 12-12 so if you have hieght issues or restrictions keep that in mind
I normally flower my plants when they are around 2-1/2 foot tall and maintain a five foot plants over all do to my hieght restrictions
Happy growing
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