How often should i open cured bud in mason jars?

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My Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower buds are 17 months old now. Can’t believe it’s been that long since my grow. They are in mason jars with Boveda 62% packs in a dark closet. I have been opening the jars to let the air exchange once a month so far. I only leave them open for about 2 minutes and make sure to roll the jars to loosen up the buds from sticking to one another or the jar.The buds are still in great shape and so damn potent I only smoke one or two hits a night. I swear it’s gotten more potent as it ages.

Is it necessary to open them monthly or should I just leave them closed up?

Once completely cured I don’t open them…


I have jars from Jan & March 21 that have not been opened for 10 - 11 months. Once they are dried and cured I put some in smaller jars for consumption. That way I can leave the larger jars alone.


Well, that settles that. I won’t bother opening them anymore unless I need to replenish my daily stash. Thanks!


You basically have to burp for like the first month or so of being in jars let air exchanges happen from the conversions. Other than after a month of random open and closed Ng u should be good as long as it is in a cool dry place and moisture don’t build up in the jars. U might wanna look into Grove bags tho as there is no burping necessary with them it burps itself takes alot of pain and stress from the burping process.

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