How often do you have to flush ur coco coir

Hey guys i just wanted to ask yous all a question How often do u need to flush coco coir when using synthetic nutrients ive never had to flush before .Ive done a flush today i flushed with ten ltrs of water for each five gallon fabric pot so i think its done for the first flush .

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I read once every 2 weeks but I havent used coco myself.

This is my first time in ages in using Coco coir and synthetic nutrients im normally a organics grower i think it will be right now after the flush it got today

I’ve never flushed my coco but I use Jacks, so no need.


Never, well when the plants are dead and chopped, I flush to below 1000ppm before drying and reuse.


I’ve never had to flush using coco, mainly because of the benefit of feeding daily to ample run off. This keeps the root zone free of salts accumulating :love_you_gesture:


Thats what ive been doing is watering twice a day a 1.5 ltrs each time to run off

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Same here; in autopots as well. Here’s an example of one of mine at harvest:


Good looking plant big buds


Good lord I am drooling over here. I am using autopots in my next grow and I am really looking forward to it!


You answered my question today i was wondering and about to ask the same. Transplanted from Soil to Coco/perlite and have to say after they recovered the exploded and growing really nice and healthy.

Something new learned as well thanks