How often do you have to adjust ph in your system?

I recently started using RO water instead of filtered tap and noticed the pH after nutes is a perfect 5.8, but by the end of next day, itll already be at 6.0 and i have to bring it back down to 5.8.
Is this about the same experience with pH as you guys?
Or is your system a bit more stable with the pH?
I’m wondering because say, if i had to leave town for a couple days, with no one to take care of the pH, things can go bad.

you’re the only person i know that grows in hydro off top of my head, if you could tag others that’d be great.


If your growing in hydro, the more water surface or amount of water you have, pending on how your adding to the totes/buckets, the more stable you’ll be able to keep your ph under control There’s a lot to consider. Small res and or buckets, the more ph problems you might have. Others might say something different. This is my experience.
Good luck!

Do you have a journal??
It’s good to have one so you can go back and review answers to questions instead of creating a new post for every questions.
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My system as a whole probably only has about 12-14 gallons in it. That could be the reason? Just less amount of water as a whole.
I do have a journal!
Here’s a link if you’d like to follow or hop in and see :slight_smile:

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Also, What I’ve been doing is doing a weekly water change, and I’ll add nutes then. But the girls are drinking 1-2 gallons a day. I just add RO water with no nutes in it.
Should I be adding nutes to the water I add daily?

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It depends on where your targeted PPM’s are. I’m right at 540 and will probably lower PPM’s because I believe the plants are telling me “too much!”… :joy:

This water change I fed 850PPM, I fed 1000ppm last time and plants told me too much nitrogen, so I lowered to 850. Plants look good! I’ll check in about 30 minutes at lights on at what ppm I’m at now after I add water. But should I be trying to keep a steady 850?

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I think others will tell you, let your plants tell you what they need.
I use Jack’s 321 and I’m liking the fact that you can tailor to what the plant is telling you they want.

I’m using advanced nutrients ph perfect micro grow bloom along with big bud as of this last feeding

I don’t worry to much about my ph from 5.4 to 6.5 , I don’t mind it swinging around a bit… :+1:
My systems hold about 20 gallons at start of flower…


ph swing is actually a good thing. Obviously, you dont want it to swing too far away, but it isnt a bad idea to let it swing a bit. What that will do is open up some nutrients that are no as easily available at say 5.8. Have a look at the absorption chart for nutrient uptake at what ph… you will see that some nutrients are not or are less available if your ph is stable. To be clear, many of these nutrients are only needed in very small amounts, and its for this reason they are on the opposite ends of each other. I suspect in nature, these nutrients are unlocked as soil conditions change throughout the season?


i run a little over 20 gallons and i set my PH once and haven’t had to add or adjust it in a month. This thing works.


If you don’t mind me asking, are you in flower yet?

Im in flower, a month into it

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im 2 weeks since flip.


I am growing in a 27 gallon tote, but only between 5-9 gallons of water in it at a time. (Aeroponic system so less water needed.)
I only need to adjust ph 2x a week max. In veg it was once a week, flower I have seen more PH swings, however I was reading later in flower ph swings in hydro are pretty normal.