How often do I have to replace the water


I never cleaned the reservoir until the end of grow. EVen in commercial
greenhouse we never clean until June when we shut down for the Summer.

When I clean I use common dishsoap and a sponge with scotch brite on one
side (green). Rinse really well, and if you want buy some kleerex or
other flushing/leaching product. I also clean my hydroton the same way.
I soak hydroton in a bath of Kleerex or other commercial flushing
agent.These flushing agents dissolve salts and allow hydroton to be used
over and over. I have a friend who used his so long that it is now
bleached white…LOL

Happy growing :slight_smile:


thankyou this is my first hydro grow. i am a little nervous.


What a great idea!


I’m attenpting to do the exact same thing. How are yypur results with regular water ?


I use tap water and a dechlorinator (water conditioner). I have 2 - 20gal trash cans for my plants, and one for the reservoir. I do all my checking and additions in the reservoir. I have a drain valve piped outside, so when I’m ready to drain, I just open the valve. I tried the 5 gallon buckets, but seemed to be a lot of work changing water every week.