How often and how much

hello first time i have a seedling white widow auto in HF soil in a 5G pot, question is how much water do i give to it and how often?, its`2 inches tall. And does the same amount apply to when I feed? I have a 3-in-1 meter that sticks in the soil to see if soil is wet or moist if that helps

After its fully watered to begin with, I keep the top of the soil wet enough to be dark but dry enough that it wont leave anything on my finger when I touch it

Can you post a picture?

using a 36 watt cfl led tube light and its 5 inches tall

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i was using a HPS light i just receive this 36 watt tube light on ilgm says its best to use this light til 8 to 12 inches tall

@Razzledazzle do you have a pic so I can look at your plant and check it out it would really help me help you out bud

@nubia you got a picture so I can see your plant it will help me help u out

@nubia cfl are good for vegg stage using cfl though the stem gets to long and lengthy I think than the plant fall over you got a different light for vegg stage?

CFLs are good for a seedlings first week or two. They are not powerful enough to veg out a full plant…that’s why the stems get leggy, trying to reach for light. T4 fixtures work decent for that stage but not the greatest either.

@Newbie2020 yes t5or t8 good for begging plants how about led what’s your opinion on them 2300 led they are shorter good for tire places like what I have they aren’t my so long like t5 t8 are lighter to deal with to

@imSICKkid :wave: how are you doing today

That stem is really thin though

Yes because the light is really weak.

@imSICKkid your right man iv experiences that before I wander what Mariana strain likes the cfl though?

i have the HPS light, so i use that instead?

@nubia high pressure sodium is excellent for bud and flower

250 400 1000 what size bud is it

Yea that’s right so your set for your grow you got a different light for vegg and bloom that good

i have the HPS light on 600 its dimmable up to a 1000