How much yield can I expect from dried product to oil?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have trouble reading due to recent brain surgery (malignant tumor), but still have some questions about MJ, its use, acquisition, quantities to use, quantities of dried product and how much oil it will make.
Can I ask you so I can understand things better please ?

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@ILGM.Zoe this is a difficult answer. The amount of oil made will depend on the potency, and the amount of resin in the final result.

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I agree with @Covertgrower

It’s use - Use is multi purpose and wide spread for behavioral, emotional, physical ailments as well as recreation.

It’s acquisition - Region dependent - medical marijuana is available as is recreational in some regions.

Quantities to use - strain and tolerance specific (there is a great deal of information on the internet related to specific strains.

How much oil - as the previous answer outlined, strain and growth specific. Some strains are bred for the production of oils/concentrates.

Apologies for the non-specific answers but your questions are quite all encompassing. Personal experimentation, given the relative absence of harmful side effects, is the best approach.

Best of luck and here’s to your good health.


Ill add this as well how do you plan on extracting the oils
I would suggest hoining the forum so we as a community can assist you with your questions
@Screwauger and @Covertgrower are both on track tho
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