How much worm castings in coco coir?

Hello Community, so for my next transplant i would like to change my grow medium.
Right now im only using 75% coco 25% perlite, i would like to add some organic matter to it to support the beneficial bacteria and fungi (mykotrex), i will probably go with worm castings.
What ratio would you recommend and/or what would you change and why?
Thanks and have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:

4 Parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

That’s my basic recipe. Seedlings and rooted clones go in that for the first month. Then I add Happy Frog dry amendments at half strength.

Happy growing.

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@oldmarine I have done this exact ratio with my latest grow

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Ok thanks i think i will go with that ratio, do your plants ever show nutrient deficiency in that first month ?

No. They do real well.

Hi im doin organics with Coco coir and perlite and worm castings and organic compost and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer .it depends on how big ur pot is ive got a 5gal fabric pots so i add four cups of worm castings two tablespoons of volcanic rock dust two teaspoons of bat guano and two and half cups of organic compost and then mix it all together.and this what my plant looks like

This is the lastest pic and this other pic is when it was three weeks old

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Nice! What is in the volcanic dust? Hopefully not Spock.

Volcanic rock dust is volcanic rocks grinded up i guess or something like that

It gives the micro and macro nutrients that the plants need and it has silica in it for healthy stems

Coolness. I have never heard of it but will put it on my list to try. I wonder if it behaves like diatomaceous earth and kills aphids.

Im not sure but i do know it does help with pests and diseases

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There is another thing u can use its call superworm castings or superworm frass

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My girls are flowering or ready they are just goin on four weeks old

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I reuse my soil and I do add worm casings. Always on the lookout for other amendments to try. Thank so much for sharing!

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Thats no problem if u need any more information just ask me i also use kelp and fish liquid but if u live in USA u should kelp meal and fish meal

Yep USA. This last grow I went organic in living soil. My mix was organic soil, worm casings, perlite, soil primer, and all the fan leaves crushed and dried from the previous grow. I top dress feedings and give pH’d water with silica and cal mag as needed. Also added a product called Peruvian Gold. Much bigger harvest and healthier plants but always learning and love to read about what works for others.

My family says it is a much better smoke.


It is better to smoke And u still do a flush before harvest

I’ve haven’t done a flush before harvest and I have three almost ready to go. I’ll try that and see if the family likes the taste more.

Yah u flush for a two week period and three days before u harvest put them in darkness for three days