How much will the girl scout cookie extreme stretch during flower

I have 4 GSC Extreme. It has been 32 days since the seeds broke through the soil. I was planning on switching the lights to 12/12 at the end of this month, I was wondering how much this strain will stretch in flower ?


They go nuts when you flip! I have a grow journal its called girl scout cookies extreme with emerald harvest nutes! It shows a good comparison on how big they get

I can’t say for this one but the GSC Beast I grew took up almost 16 sq feet. She managed to get over 6 feet tall and wide enough to cover almost 16 sq feet. She yielded 8 z’s dried and cured.

And this was on a 12/12 schedule the whole grow. From start to finish.

Mine more than doubled in size after I flipped. They were about 28-30” at flip and now nearly 6’


Interesting, why did you decide to do 12/12 the whole grow?

Your plants look great! So you were in veg for about 6 weeks before flipping? And that is from time of germination ?

Because that is how I grow. Unlike most growers, I’m on a fixed income being a 100% Disabled Veteran. I can’t afford a 18/6 schedule.

Secondly…my plants turn into absolutely beasts on this schedule. They still flower within 6 weeks and they will still stretch Tull the last couple of weeks.

Go to my Toilet Bowl topic and see the results. :+1:

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I germinated seeds on November 27 and flipped to flower on January 20th so about 8 weeks from seed before flower and thank you!

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