How much wet trimming do you do

I’m going to take my 1st grow out of darkness of 48 hours then harvest in a few hours. How much wet trimming do you do? @Growit and @hungrybud and @MattyBear and anyone else

I do as much wet trimming as I can because dry trimming sucks IMO because of the leaves curling over the buds and it can make for a lot longer trim. :v::bear:


Thanks that makes sense and I’ll be doing in a few hours

I’ve trimmed wet and dry, and preferred dry trimming. When I trimmed wet, it seemed to dry out too quickly. The leaves that get trimmed off wet also kind of curl over and cover the buds during drying. This could be considered good or bad, depending on your preferences. I’d try a couple both ways and see which you like better. I agree with @MattyBear, though. It is a bit more of a pain trimming dry.


I’ve tried them both. I currently wet trim, it’s “easier” and I think the finished bud looks better.

That being said, wet trimming speeds up the drying process (not necessarily good). Most people also dry trim too early. One really needs to let the leaves curl and dry before trimming.


One of the concerns that I’ve read about when deciding which to do on my first harvest was that the Trichomes when wet are better able to stay on the buds as they are wet. After the buds dry so to are the Trichomes and while handling the buds to trim you can tend to loose more of them from the buds. Made sense to me.
Wet trimming also keeps the trim as intact as possible with any Trichomes and tossing the trim in the freezer for later use versus all the dry crackly trim when dry trimming I would guess as I haven’t dry trimmed.


So maybe wet cut some of the bigger leaves then finish dry trimming. Yes I would like to do a slow dry but how do you know when to put buds in jars? I’m thinking they need to be pretty dry so they won’t mold

That makes alot of sense don’t want to loose any good stuff. I think I will wet trim. So many times I’ve changed my mind but I think I’m coming out pretty good with the help from all of you fellow growers, think I’m doing pretty good for a 66 year old LOL

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My plants are hanging so I think I’ll just wait to trim and concentrate on my 2nd grow. We can legally in Oklahoma have 12 plants 6 big and 6 starting so that’s more plants than I’m used to so I’m sure I’ll have questions. When I go get my card we can have twice that, hard to believe I can legally grow, I’m having so much fun


I trim and put my buds into jars once the buds feel crunchy on the outside and the stems (smaller ones near the buds, not the main ones) snap and no longer bend. If you wait until the larger stems snap, you’ll most likely dry them too much, and the cure won’t be as effective. I put hygrometer/thermometers in the jars with the buds, and if the humidity goes above 65%, I take the buds back out and lay them out on a table or something to dry a little more for a few hours, then back into the jars and repeat. Once they’re staying between 60 - 65% consistently (hopefully the first time I pop them in jars), I monitor the humidity and “burp” the jars a couple times a day for a few days, then once a day, then when they’re pretty stable, humidity wise, I toss a boveda 62% pack in them and stop burping. A couple weeks later they start getting really good. A couple weeks after that they get even better.


Thank you that answers alot of questions. I hung to dry last night and they smell skunky and what I call "evergreen or Christmas tree smell so I hope they taste as good as they smell. I didn’t realize that keeping check on humidity like that was so important, Thanks again if it wasn’t for you experienced growers I would have messed up my 1st grow. I’m really having fun and have 12 plants this time and I don’t grow in a tent I’ve fixed me a grow room. I’m sure I’ll have many future questions


You have all solid info here. My opinion Is also much easier to trim wet. If you have good control over your drying environment you can usually extend drying period plenty long enough to wet trim. If you’re drying space is extremely dry, sometimes it may be beneficial to trim dry and just bite the bullet.


I should also mention that I only ever harvested one plant at a time. Had I been trimming 2 or 3 plants, I probably would say the same. I trimmed my single plants dry, because it’s not such a big task.


I did 4 plants wet trim. Took forever lol but worth it. Also then u can decide if u wanna dry ur trim or use it fresh from the plant.


Do you think trimming wet knocks off some of trichomes or thc or any other good stuff on buds

No dry deffenetally does


I’d say they both knock off trichomes.

I still have zero problems getting hiiiggggghhhhhh from my bud.


That’s my main concern is getting some tasty really good head high and energetic. I don’t really like the "couch lock " stuff unless it’s close to bed time

My plants have been hanging since Sun night and I was trimming them until I saw on forum that maybe I should wait. Do you think I should go ahead and trim now? This is my 1st grow and instead of cutting each branch my husband did like all my old timers cut and flipped whole plant upside down over a line to dry so it wouldn’t be too hard to do.

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I would take off ur biggest leaves if u want save the sugar leaves till later u got a pic?