How much weight will my cannabis lose when drying?

A question from a fellow grower:

How much weight will my cannabis lose after drying it and is there any methods to avoid 75 percent of weight lost before you yield.

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75% is a good average weight loss. If you weigh before you trim, there’s even more loss there.

You can’t avoid weight loss from drying. Moisture has to be removed and when moisture is removed there is weight loss. Now, to keep the appearance of weight loss to a minimum, you can always stop watering until the leaves wilt before you pull the plant to dry. That will cause less moisture to be in the plant while drying and make the weight loss appear to be less. This “starving” a plant at the end is actually good for trichome production and will up the potency of the bods.

Now, with all that said, you can get rid of all that anxiety by not weighing until they’re completely dry.


I agree. 75-80%. I grew buds that were over 5 oz. wet, and dried they were 1.25 oz.