How much weed per plant

Hi guys, I am wondering how much weed on an advantage you can get growing in DWC under a XLkind 1000W light and using Lotus nutrients if anyone is familiar with these nutrients?
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That’s a loaded question. There is no way to give an answer like that. DWC has potential to grow more than dirt. Your growing environment will play a big roll. In DWC, your only limited to the room you have. You could get just an once, or you could get a pound or more.
I’m not familiar with that nutrient. I use Jack’s Nutrients in an RDWC. It’s a dry formula and it’s probably the cheapest way to grow that I know of.
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What is DWC

Deep Water Culture, I believe.


Not true…I can harvest 2 lbs dried, cured and no stems off 2 to 3 plants. I’m a soil grower and also grow strictly on a 12/12 schedule start to finish. :+1:

@Harrison1 That light is lucky if its even 185 true watts. You won’t get a good harvest off of it. They mislead people when they say its 1000 watts. If you get 3 ounces count your blessings. :+1:

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@MrPeat operative word there “potential” sorry! Just basing on my limited knowledge.
Thanks a million for chiming in

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And I can grow a pound or 2 off 1 plant in soil with sunlight. Ive grown 10 pounds on 1 plant on Vancouver Island. That was many years ago, we lost 2 pounds to mold.


Yes but I am indoors. Growing indoors vs outdoors is different. We only have two seasons here…9 months of summer and the rest is mainly Spring. I could grow 20+ feet outdoors but that pesky life in prison I don’t like. :crazy_face:


Hey! You’re not included in this battle. Your in a higher league…:joy::joy:

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Not higher, different.

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