How much water?

Everything I read about watering states to basically watch the leaves and they will tell you if you are watering too much or not enough. My question is, how many ounces of water should you use for plants the size as attached pic? I have a moisture meter that I use but have read overwatering is really bad.

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I saw in this forum somewhere, that if your leaves are really wide, then it’s getting to much water. The leaves are storing the water.

Thanks for the info! Appreciate it :grinning:

Umm that makes no sense. You have Indica and Sativa plants. Indica generally short and stout while a Sativa starts end up being massive plants.

I grow Sativas and I get big leaves aka fan leaves I know how to water perfectly and get fan leaves with up to 13 leaves and be as big as a basketball.


I was using a 500 ml water bottle to feed my plants for the first month and a half then switched to gallon jugs. I water until I get about 10% run off which is just under half a liter so I can test ppm and ph at rootzone. That is with established plants. Small plants in big pots are easily over watered. Stick your finger into the first 2-3 inches of soil, if thats dry you should water. Lots of ways to water and everyone finds their groove. I am sure others will chime in with other useful methods.

Great advice…I like it. I use a wooden chop stick to check the soil moisture…seems to work.

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Here is a Sativa leaf can look like.

This is a picture of a small set of leaves.

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The babies look much better than from my 1st post. Starting to get the hang of this…I think :thinking:

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Mmm, looks good to me.