How much water is ideal?

How much water should be given at each stage?

Seedling now, just a couple drops of water around the seed once or twice a day or?

How big is the plant when you do a normal watering? By normal I just mean that you water till you get run off.

2x2 room w a 300w led and one plant

For seedlings, I mist mine once or twice a day and keep under humidity domes for a week or two. If the soil appears wet, don’t water. After the domes come off, I’ll water lightly for a couple weeks. Once the plant seems established, I water to runoff. I ph my water EVERY watering. From there, I only water when the soil feels dry down to an inch or two. My method is, if I’m not sure if my plant needs water, I wait a day. Usually the next day it’s ready. Your plant will tolerate dry periods much better than overwatering. My plants sometimes go 5 days between watering.


Perfect. Thanks!