How much water for 10 gal fabric pots?

How much water do you notice your plants having from the time of transplanting to 10 gal fabric pots til harvest? How much each week. Il they take more in flowering than veg but plz say how much each week of veg and each week of flower per watering. Would help me out greatly

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@2absolute2purity2 well that is a loaded question with lots of variables but a general number might be 3 gallons a week for the first couple weeks then start to need more as she grows ending up at the end of flower needing maybe 5-6 gallons…but again so many things can make this less or more


Ty for ur reply. So I’d probably need a 40 gal bin to hold enough de chlorinated tap water for my whole grow?

It can vary, but you’ll probably start giving about 2 gallons a day the last couple of weeks.


@2absolute2purity2 it depends on temperature and humidity.
You can monitor that with a hydrometer and this VPD calculator. With my hydroponic grow with 5 @ 5 gallon buckets I’m using about a gallon a day with temps below during flowering

VPD Chart

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Ty for ur reply. I like this brand also. Only thing ive noticed is i dont get the govee notifications when my phones in low power mode which my battery drains quicker than it should so it happens a lot

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@2absolute2purity2 i have the same problem. Prolly something to configure on my phone.
I use my old Sentinel EVC-2 to configure environmental event handling.

I know it’s old and doesn’t have remote feature.
Been looking for something new and remote.
Niwa Grow Hub, Automated Hydroponic System and VPD Controller. Temperature, Humidity, Light and Watering Automation & Monitoring with Grow Room Sensors, Wi-Fi and App. Not Compatible with 5G Wi-Fi

I grow in 10 gallon fabric pots. Through most of veg I water them daily with 1 to 1.5 gallons per day. Late in veg and through flower they can use as much as 2 gallons per day.

I use a 10 gallon reservoir which I refill each time I water. There are two air stones and a couple of aquarium heaters to bring the temperature to 70 F.

Depending upon how many plants I am growing I may use part of the 10 gallons or all of it in a watering session. Overnight seems long enough for the water to sit in the reservoir with aeration and heat.


Is this coco or soil we r watering. Coco I do everyday watering at about 1 to 2 gallons per plant per day in flower. Veg starts off small amount and ups from there but usually flower I use 1 to 2 gallons per plant per day. Soil is different u water one good water and wait til it dries so could be like said 3 gallon a week give or take. It’s gonna vary tho on the conditions be grown in. If u have lots of moisture in house it might not dry as fast so cmay be a whole day or 2 longer between waters. The heat and temps of the room is gonna make a huge difference also but if u get a dli chart and try it best to stick in the dli green area should be what’s stayed above from everyone but also like stated it’s gonna fluctuate and be different for everyone’s grows. Not one grow will be the same u less grown in the same exact area with same temps rh and all so it’s an all over question really

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