How much water do they drink?

I have a 6w from clone plant, just switched to 12/12 today. This past week, the reservoir seems to be down about 1gal/day. Sometimes a bit less (0.7), sometimes a bit more (1.1).

Humidity in the grow room is about 54% 24/7. I have a 8" inline fan exhausting the 100sqft room, and three fans blowing in the room.

Using RDWC (a first grow with one plant, future grows will have more).

Is that to be expected? If I run 6 plants, it should be around 6g/day, right?

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To many variables to even Geuss, stages of plants, strains, humidity, temp, airflow, light intensity, light hours.

You’ll just have to learn from your own experience.


I run rdwc and I’ve had 2 plants in my system that drank 4 gal a day during transition.

I’ve got two autos now, just in flower, that drink a gal a day.

Large reservoir will help keep everything more stable. Good luck! If you have any questions, just give us a shout. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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I have a too-large reservoir, but it’s good to know that the range can be up to several gallons/day. Thanks.

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@Jungle are you doing a journal?

Meh, sorta.

I just started using the ILGM Journal site:

And I’ve been asking questions/etc as I go in

Bottom line:

  • I have a 2 x 13g + 27g resv RDWC, but only one plant (first grow)
  • GH Flora trio, using the ‘medium’ schedule. Repeated week 4 for a 5-week veg
  • Plus GH CalMag, GH Silicon (not dosing till next week), and HydroGuard
  • Started from a clone, allegedly “Raspberry Kush”, but probably not.
  • Basement grow, ambient conditions generally ~70F, 52%RH.
  • Large, partitioned room in basement, sealed with 7mil panda film.

In the last 24h, one plant, consumed 1.7gal.

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Hey brother if you can, most folks including myself find it more useful if you keep it all on one journal. It’ll help you reflect on questions you’ve had. And, also help others that may be watching your journal keep up with you.

Peachfuzz and myfriend are two of my mentors that have been helping you out on your other thread. Looking good! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: