How much to buffer coco?

Plan to double buffer - 7.5ml per gal of botanicare calmag plus, 1tbsp of epsom/gal, 1 tbsp molasses/gal, gel of 1 leaf of aloe vera, cannacoco brick. So when it means per gallon does that mean gallon of water or does it always mean per gallon of medium/pot

Per gallon of water, though some feed one gallon with nutes and the rest straight water. You really need to be measuring runoff PPM to manage feed levels.

Epsom is unnecessary if you are feeding cal/mag. Epsom provides magnesium (already in your cal/mag) and sulfur. Adequate sulfur levels should be achieved with a nutrient line which will provide adequate nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, and the micronutrients (sulfur, copper, boron, iron,…) your plant needs. Examples of good cannabis fertilizers include Jack’s 321, the Fox Farm, Trio, Advanced Nutrients, and General Hydroponics.


In my experience new growers tend to overdo supplements: less is more in most instances.


If you expand in a bucket of calmag solution it should be buffered. The other stuff isn’t going to matter as you should be feeding base nutrients all the time. As long as you have proper nutrient solution and feed on proper schedule this should be plenty good. If you miss feedings, don’t feed properly, or allow coco to get dry often you’ll end up having problems no matter what you buffer with.