How much time can I keep my seeds dry

Hi! I just got my seed today, but I want to know how much time can I keep my seeds dry –not germinated obviously– until I want to use them and make them grow?
I am asking this because I HAVE to go on a looong trip soon, and If I germinate my seeds right now, I won’t be able to take care of them in few weeks –due to my trip– so I want to know how much time can I safe my seeds ‘for later on’?
And, if so, where can I keep them? Do I keep them in the same plastic bag they came in? Do I take them off the plastic bag and keep them somewhere else? If so, where?
I just don’t want my seeds to rotten or die –while I am on my trip– so please help me…

If you keep them dry and in a place that is not too hot they should last for a very long time. You will be fine waiting to germinate until you are completely ready to care for your girls.

In the meantime you should download the grow bible for your trip.

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Hey! I just bought 12 seeds… I am able to germinate them in december –3 months from now– and I will germinate 2 seeds every 5-6 months, so I will use all of them in about 4 years, so it is a looot of time, so I need to know where and how is the safest way to keep them dry and healthy?
In the fridge? In my room? In any special package? With some envelope?

I keep mine in a little zip locked bag or a vial. Just need to be dry. Fridge is probably not great due to moisture but I am not sure. I have found seeds from the 70s in old coat pockets and they germinated 40 years later.


I know nothing about growing just learning myself. I found a seed in a box have know idea what the strain is. just for fun I germinated it and it’s a little seedling now😀 The seed is probably years old because I never find seeds in my weed until recently I found a Girl Scout cookie seed and I’m growing that now too !!! Good luck