How much taller will they grow?

My buds are running amuck ! I’m hoping they won’t get much taller, just fatter, they seem to be growing like crazy right now. How long do they gain height while flowering ? I have some space left, but not a lot. 20180717_122748|281x500)

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@Pat2 they will stretch for 7-10 days after flipping to 12/12 then they should settle down and not much growth in height

Thanks but it’s been three weeks and they are still stretching. I SCROGGED the Sativas on the right, but I ran out of net to tie the branches down and decided to let them go since they were now about the same height as the Indicas on the left. They are all flowering beautifully. I think my instincts were correct. I’m just hoping for short fat buds.

If they are still stretching then you are probably weak on your lighting. They are strecthing to reach the light. Lower your light to provide more intensity and that should slow down the stretch.

When all is right…switching to 12/12 schedule will make plants stretch usually around 1.5 to 2 times previous height.

IF…the light is weak and too far off …they will stretch further.
Also, if the temps get over 85+…especially if 95+ degrees fahrenheit…they will stretch waaay too much.