How much soil to use?


I can always try new things but i just needing something i can mix on my sohum soil so i can get be able to fill three 5 gal buckets. Is there a vertain regular seed potting soil you use? I would just do 2 plants like last time but when i harvested them and cured them it wasnt alot and the cannabis only lasted me and my fiance 2 months. Also now i have another problem… my lights dont even turn on i thought ot was the ballast so i sent it in and got a new one from warrenty and lights still dont work both bulbs dont do anything… im pushing more to the light fixture and bulbs both. Whats messed up is that i only had 4 months use of the light then craps out on me… also whats usualy life soan on 600 watt MH and HPS bulb? @dbrn32


I’ve only used fox farms soils. Light warrior or happy frog to start in.

Do you have a digital or magnetic ballast?


This is the stuff I was thinking of

I thought @garrigan65 had noted somewhere here that he had used this successfully but couldnt find it in a search.



Yes I did and yes I do use that soil, Because of it’s being very low N. P. K add some Worm Casting and a little Bat Guano and your good to go for your seedlings or clones.


@dbrn32 idk what kind it is lol but here is picture of it.

company is warrenting it out and send me new one. @Sixpackdad sweet! Im gonna order 1 today! Thank yall for help! @garrigan65 if my other soil has all that stuff in it, will i still have to add some of those stuff in soil? Just wondering? Also yall are they best! :slight_smile:


@dbrn32 i had told company if it breaks within 4 months again im switching to LED ligjts i heard using LED lights is alot better to use including less electricity bill. @Sixpackdad oh just read the shipping info they cant ship it to me cause im not in the right state… im in AL


That’s the bulb, you would have to check the ballast. As far as leds go, they can be better. You just have to make sure you’re getting the right leds.


Oh the ballast is brand new lol that was the first thing i thought was wrong with it. The company had sent me a new one and i had to send my old ballast in. Thats why im thinking its the light fixture cause when i screw bulb in it hangs down, it doesnt go straight across. Is it too much light if i had gotten an LED light to put in tent with 600w mhs/hps light?


I know. But i was asking what kind of ballast you had for replacement bulb.


Its a digital ballast with dimmer switch @dbrn32


Copy. I guess see what happens with new bulb and let me know.


Yes you will, but first things first ok

1.) your soil for your seedling is WAY different than the next two are

2.) Your veg is different than your flower soil
and then you have your.

3.) Flower soil.

I make up the flower soil first then the veg soil they go together in the same pot. flower first the veg soil
The seedling soil is kept separate.
When your ready let me know … cause it get’s tricky some times and it really shouldn’t.


That seems a little complicated lol not gonna lie. If i had gotten the 1st choice the natures organic one i still gotta do samething correct? @garrigan65



Ok, the soil you will make is very easy to make. When your all done and said. You’ll be able to use that soil over and over and over again saving you all kinds of money. True you gota spend some to get started but it’s all down hill from there.
You don’t have to do it all at once, I didn’t. I just made a list of the things I would need to get started and once I got everything Then I was off and running.


@GreenThumb101 I was in your shoes about a year and a half ago thinking’s lot of this sounds complicated. And I agree on paper and in writing it can sound a little overwhelming, but in practice you’ll have the ah-ha moment that it’s not. Trust in @garrigan65 and @dbrn32 and you’ll be happy with the results.



Thank you for that. When fokes like your self say things like that it makes me not only feel good but makes me want to learn even more to share with you all

Thanks again DAD … lol


I’m not the soil build guy at all lol. I’d be happy to attempt bs’ing my way through it in his absence or something like that. Otherwise I go to @garrigan65 for help with stuff like that too.


Your a Hydro guy aren’t you ?


Nope. I’m a buy the bag and dump it in a pot guy for sure.


Well , that settles that then doesn’t it … lol