How much soil to use?

How much soil typically does 1 plant actually need in indoor grow tent and will 1.5 CU inch soil will be enough for 3 plants?

1.5 cubic inches of soil is about enough to fill up a Dixie cup, so I would say no. You’d probably want something like a 3 gallon pot per plant. A 1.5 cubic foot bag would do about three 3 gallon pots.


Maybe he was thinking 1.5 cubic feet. If so, I can get 2-5 gallon and 2-1 gallon fabric pots filled. I add a nice amount of perlite thou.

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I’ve gone back and forth between 5 and 10 gallon pots. If I had to go with one or the other, id go ten. They don’t dry out as fast and my plants have ended up taller and bushier. If you got the room, go big


Yes i meant cubic feet lol im using 5 gallon buckets. If i fill them half way will that be enough soil for it? Last grow it filled two 5 gal buckets. If its not enough is it safe if i add a little bit of normal potting soil with it and have the same benefits as using nothing but sohum soil? Like will it mess up the PH balanced and organic nutes in soil?


Or will the 1.5 cu foot soil be able to have enough soil for one 3 gal pot and two 5 gal buckets? I wanna do 3 plants in my 4x4 tent instead of 2 this time. So stoked that my GG seeds came in today!

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A 1.5 cu ft bag will come close to filling two 5 gallons and one three gallon pot. I would think you could mix another potting soil in there as long as it doesn’t have slow release nutrients, like many miracle grow mixes use. Avoid slow release nutrients.

I would go with thee 5 gallon containers over two 5 and a 3. Personal preference.

I usually try to fill my fabric pots to the tippty top when i first put soil in them and then transplant a plant into it. I do this to maximize the amount of space the roots have to grow. I find over time the soil settles and lowers overtime, also, so I think it’s best to start near the top.


Don’t under fill too much. You want your plant to grow outside of the bucket, not in the bucket.


So using a 3 gal pot is well enough space for roots for 1 plant? Also the so hum soil i got has all organic nutes and ph balanced soil the “normal soil” i was talking about has no nutes just basic potting soil. And what your saying is that it is safe to mix some regular potting soil with the other soil and have same benefits as i would using nothing but the so hum soil?

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So half of 5 gal bucket of soil is too little for 1 plant is what your saying?


All so hum soil company tells me that i cant use regualr potting soil with theres but i thonk there just telling me that cause they want me to strictly buy there brand soil


Also will the plant thrive good in a 3 gal pot?? I just dont want 1 plant to thrive less than the other two plants

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A plant in a three gallon pot will thrive if you use a suitable soil for cannabis and do a good job monitoring and managing pH and ppm levels, as well as maintain suitable lighting and environmental conditions like heat and humidity.

Having said that, I would not say that a three gallon pot is “well enough space for roots” to grow 1 plant. Most likely, it will be smaller than the plants in the 5 gallon pot, just like my 5 gallon plants have been smaller than my 10 gallon plants. Both plants “thrive” but the bigger pots offer more root space and therefore more access to nutrients and water and therefore more capability to turn photosynthesis and nutrients into plant cells.

I am sure there are people that have successfully grown in a 3 gallon container, I just believe from my (limited) experience that a smaller pot leads to a smaller plant.

What are the ingredients in the regular potting soil? This is what is in the sohum soil:

I am not sure what benefits they are claiming, but I can see why they would say adding something else could alter results. If they have specific tests that show some sort of outcome with their soil, they won’t say you can alter the soil and keep the benefits because they don’t have a study and tests to back that up. Just like I cannot guarantee that whatever those benefits are won’t be lost. There are no certainties.


Okay makes sense now lol the soil is from walmart and its called all purpose potting soil. If this is okay to mix with so hum soil for three 5 gal pots ill do it! Btw i dont have anything bigger than 5 gal bucket lol im on a budget. Buuuut This is what it says… - All-Purpose Potting Soil Recipe

A healthy all-purpose potting soil contains two parts soil, one part compost and one part perlite, sand or vermiculite. The soil, which typically consists of sand, clay, silt and organic matter, is the base ingredient. Adding compost to the soil improves water retention and aeration while helping control the soil temperature. Depending on the organic waste used in your compost, this addition can also provide nutrients to improve plant health. The final ingredient you choose depends on your plants’ or soil’s needs.

Improving Your Soil

You can mix perlite, sand and vermiculite or choose just one to include in your mix. Perlite is a smart choice if you want to improve soil drainage and oxygenation. It consists of volcanic glass particles, which allow air to easily pass through the soil; each particle also has small exterior pockets holding moisture for roots to absorb. Coarse sand also improves soil drainage, while its weight makes it capable of holding top-heavy plants in place. And vermiculite, formed from heated mica chips, can improve soil’s ability to retain nutrients and water. If your soil lacks nutrients, vermiculite also gradually adds calcium, magnesium and potassium for your plants to absorb.

Optional Ingredients

Many soils contain additional ingredients that improve drainage and aeration or add more nutrients. If your soil needs better water retention, ground bark such as fir tree bark chips can keep the soil moist for your plants’ roots. Add calcined clay to the original two parts soil if you’re growing succulents that prefer extremely well-drained soil. And moss makes the soil bulkier for better aeration. @Sixpackdad


@Sixpackdad its walmart brand 14 qts Screenshot_20190210-160837_Samsung%20Internet


Just avoid anything that’s listed as having time release nutrients


So do you think this soil is okay to mix other soil with since its basically all organic? I researched on ingredients for it and all it said was what i had wrote. It doesnt say anything about nutes in it.

I’m sure there’s something in it. Can uou get pic of back label?

Ive looked all they have on website is the front. Everytime i try to see what the ingredients in it is this pops up. A healthy all-purpose potting soil contains two parts soil, one part compost and one part perlite, sand or vermiculite.

It says its Unbranded