How much soil do i use


A question from a fellow grower:

Question for you, I just bought some fem NL from y’all and was wondering how much soil to use. I will be using FFOF for soil and supply nutrients from same provider, I am using a space bucket to do this but was curious how much actual soil to use in the 5 gallon bucket. This is a classified operation in the dwelling from all parties and can’t allow the plant to reach a major height ( less then 45 inches). But have no reference on how deep the soil must be used in order to obtain the general height. I did see a plant grown in a solo cup and thought that was very enlightening on how the plants work but not sure on any actual heights.
Long story, information needed is how many inches of soil in a 5 gallon bucket should I be using to keep plant under 40 inches, I plan on applying LST.
I don’t want to shortchange the plant on food especially if it will be trained.


Couple inches or so from the top should be fine, once in a blue moon I had another inch or so if it looks like I haven’t put enough or if I think the water has pressed it down too much, I use a lot of perlite in my ffof, about 20% but you don’t need it, it’s fine soil as is, very fine soil
-best wishes


for your concerns soil depth is not entirely relevant… you want to make sure you switch your light schedule at the right time. The plant will double in size(at least) when you switch it into flower mode… so you need to switch it into flower mode around 18"-20" in height
different strains stretch more or less, I am uncertain about northern lights…some strains will triple their height in flower… research your strain, see how much it stretches, and plan to switch your light schedule accordingly.


Northern Lights is short to mefium and will be bushy, it doesn’t stretch too much when you switch it


Thanks Claire for pushing that out again. Thanks for the response, NL says short but can grow to 40-60 inches which would be unfortunate as this is black ops ( or green lol). Im thinking LST should be knocking the end height used in conjunction with switching lights on at a certain height.