How much smell can i expect

Hi again. I am planning to plant 5 seeds (ive read i can only expect about an 80% germination). When plan is fully matured im wondering how much smell can i expect if outdoors? Would the neighbors notice? I say outdoors but actually in a shed with clear roofing. I do have a hydro exhaust so not sure if i need a carbon filter? If i do is there a cheap way of doing it as its beyond my finances atm.

How close are your neighbors? Short answer, yes they will get stinky, especially in flower.

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Some strains are smellier than others.
I’ve had 2 plants, grown indoors, smell up the house and had people comment that drive by about the odor.

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Neighbors are pretty close. Ive got Blue Dream seeds

If it’s legal in your state I wouldn’t worry. If it’s not legal I’d be pretty nervous.

I used to grow outdoors on a 3rd floor deck that was completely shielded from view. There was plenty of ventilation and airflow up there to disperse the scent. But by the end of flower I was always catching whiffs of it outside my property.

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Ive edited my post

I live on half an acre. Earlier this year my filters all got clogged due to running tap water in my humidifier. I don’t notice it until my tents started heating up. After some investigating I found my filters barely passing air. I ordered some new filters and ran my tents “wide open” with no filters so my temps would stay optimal until the new ones arrived which took about a week.

My portable AC was of course venting out my window. When I walked my dog around my property I tried to take notice of how bad the smell was and I can tell you that I could smell weed in every square inch of my half acre of property, however the potency of the smell did diminish somewhat at the edge of the property.

Hope that helps

A sealed shed, with an exhaust fitted with a carbon filter should help you fly under the radar.

I’ve noticed that my sensitivity to the scent of growing marijuana has decreased the longer I’m around it. I need 2nd party victims to do sniff tests.

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You should have 100% seed germination Can’t wait to see what you can do

this is the exhaexhaust. Its 250mm diam. As i see most carbon filters are 12in or smaller im wondering if im missing something as i cant see it fitting on it.

@Flipper01 I put one of these in my shed it works great 1080 cfm attic fan and a window cracked pulls in all the air I need hottest temps 77 cool 65 outside 87

50 bucks Home Depot Has a thermostat on it and is very quiet


So looks like i need a good carbon filter. The shed is 55cbm. Looking on ebay i found the prices vary greatly. Are all filters created equal? Are there any that wont break the bank but do a good job?

buy carbon filter and you’re save…
if you have sativa dominant strain like haze for exmpl. you can expect very strong smell.
that’s why i grow mostly indica this year. im living in a block house :smile:
i recommend you to buy ONA odor blocker.

I have blue dream. Forget what type it is. Ill look at ona thx

ONA has very good products, but expensive. it works great and smells heavenly.
I has ONA Apple Crumble…in my opinion the most effective of all ONA products. But your room will smell like Apple Garden :slight_smile:

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