How much should they get


as first time using the nuts, was wanting to know how much each plant should get, gallon wise, my watering can I use holds 2.6 gallons (10 litres) to what i make my mix up too, but how much should each plant get out of that 2.6 gallons? all my plants are outdoors and in the ground, if that helps.

happy growing.


How old are they? You really shouldn’t be giving any nutrients until they are a couple weeks old at the very least . Did you prep the soil you planted them in with any other type of soil or fertilizer? If they are seedlings all you will need is a small amount of water till they get past the seedling and into the veg phase of the grow just a few ounces each should do it a day


Sorry should have stated,they have been out doors for a couple of months now , @Oldstoner , they are the plants ,I keep updating in the thread starting to train the lady


Cool at that age Iwould give them a gallon or more every 2 or 3 days


I give mine 5L every two days colt, lately been doing a 3/4 strength feed, then a weak or just plain water feed the next. Since yours are in the ground their roots will grow down and have access to water a lot better and longer than plants in pots do, especially with the good grass coverage it looks like you have in your journal posts.


Thanks ,most of it is Buffalo, I look after my lawn ,just like me plants, but now I’m going to up there intake