How much should I feed coco beds?

Hey what’s up everyone , first time here , this is my first time growing in beds and I just wanted to ask how often do you water them ? I been watering every other day , i been doing some research and some people water everyday , any input on this I’d appreciate it thank you .

Coco is a weird one you really don’t have to be afraid to overwater since it will always have adequate oxygen some say water even 2-3 times a day to keep it at 100% saturation personally I wouldn’t want to do it more then once a day and you’re probably fine if you don’t see any deficiency

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Ok cool , I’m going to start watering everyday and see how that goes since I’m now transitioning into flower , my ladies were looking a bit pale and yellow I think because I missed a feeding the other day . And I made a trasition from living soil to coco so I’m used to not feeding as much but I think I need to start feeding more often . Thanks for your input cheers