How much pH up to add per gallon of water


My first successful grow so far:
This lady is 7 weeks into flower,
pH runoff has been right at 6.0 UNTIL the past week.

Here’s my confusion as a newbie:
I use pH up in one gallon of RO water, when I test the mix and get it around 10.5 my runoff is 6.0 - 6.1 and she’s looking healthy
(also adding appropriate ILGM nutes)
Now I put pH up in my gallon of RO water, bring it to around 10.8 and my runoff is only 5.8
I’ve looked in the grow Bible, and online and still can’t find the proper way to use pH up.
Please help.


I even had to read that twice. Not bad of an idea to do it that way!
I would have to say that P H is #1 problem for all new growers and novise grower ( Hope I spelled that wright ) lol

But I’m thinking of doing a tread just on P H start to finish



You and Latewood taught me that 3 years ago Will , love you my friend be good and stay safe , God Bless !!!


@Jpositive … soil should be kept at 6.5-6.7 sweet spot. soiless 6.2-6.5 sweet spot .Hydro 5.6-6.2 the sweet spot here is 5,8 the reason its allowed to swing a little bit is to improve the nutrient range up take . Here’s a thought when was the last time your ph pen was calibrated ??? if your in soil and i presume that you are .try adding a table spoon of garden lime to the top of your soil and mix in this will help buffer that wild swing …your plants look ok but i see ph problems coming on . Ill post achart that shows what i mean .

Hammer .


@Jpositive would that be miracle grow soil ??? had that same problem with MG soil had to ph up to 9.5 to get a run off at 6.0 .And yes i flushed 3 times LOL 15 gal each plant and 2 days later super low again …@Hammer and let me know .
Hammer .


Another chart


Fox farm ocean forest


Thank you everyone for responding. I understand and am trying to get my pH runoff to 6.2

My problem is I’m not sure how much pH up to add to RO water.
I put in a half teaspoon at a time, lately about 2-1/2 teaspoons brings my RO water to 10.6 or so and that has kept my runoff around 6.0
Last night I almost doubled the amount of pH up to water and it only brought it to 10.8
My runoff was 5.8!

In other words, I’ve known that pH runoff should be 6.2 but I cannot get it there.

I’m afraid to add like 6 teaspoons of pH up to one gallon of water and mess things up. But maybe that’s what I should do??


Bud you got something seriously wrong with your ph. in your water .I mean I have a problem with my water being a point or point and a half and I literally have to use a dropper and have NEVER had to use more then like 10 or 12 drops . You may have some bad products although I am not sure if these products even have a shelf life .