How much par ppfd does 4 plants need in a small tent

I have a HLG 225 & HLG 150 SABER & HLG 30 UV for a 2x4x6 tent growing 4 plants not by choice there rescues greencrack amnesia g13 Girl Scout cookies is that enough PPFD at 24 inches for those 4 I know it’s going to be a tight fit but how much should i yield at that space and par is 380 + 470= 850 flower PPFD will be over 1200


Yield is dependent on several factors, nutrients, LIGHTING, environmental conditions and strain. For setting your lights I use DLI to set height and intensity and set it by the grow space and number of plants. This number will vary by the plants growth stage :love_you_gesture:


:point_up_2: don’t add the 2, each light is independent :love_you_gesture:


The par of the 380 light is below what’s needed for flower. The 850 par light may be fine. @OGIncognito is on point about using DLI to set your lights up for best results.

The ppfd on these lights averages 800 with a DLI of 40. This plant is just starting to flower and it’s bulking up fast. DLI is the best way to grow good and save money. There are apps for iPhone and android that are must haves for maximizing grows.


You know I had to download Photone light meter because nobody had a ppfd pattern for the hlg saber 150 but found a review with a recorded one for the hlg 225w so I understand now a lot more about multi lighting


DLI doesn’t matter, just PPFD. 500-700 micro moles is the best for photosynthesis and anything over 1000 is too much. So you will want to raise your light up until all area are in the 500-700 range and nothing is over 1000

These 2 are related, just different measurements. I use DLI :love_you_gesture:

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