How much P.H.Down to use

Hey ,I have a p.h. problem,growing in 20 gallon soil bags,p.h.sitting on 7.I got dome P.H.Down from General Hydroponics and it just says to use a little.Anybody know how much I should use?@Mr Peat

Depends on how much water you are using. I use 1/2 gals and use a few drops at a time and slowly sneak up or down to the desired reading.


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PPMs also play a part.
Mixing two gallons of tap water ph 7.65 ppm 240, 5ml GH down = 6.65
Mixing two gallons of tap water ph 7.80 ppm 228, 9ml GH down = 6.34


What I do is just add a few drops. Then shake it and check. If it needs more I add a few more drops till I hit the desired pH level. There is no perfect amount given. For a 1 gallon jug of water. :+1:


Thanks,@Beardless and @Mr.Peat!

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Thanks@Mr Peat!

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I keep record of how much water and how much up / down I use. Start small amount of down and just add, test etc


You will develope a" feel "after a while and it will get much easier to hit the target number. Just be patient at first LOL sounds easy dont it! It actually is once you e done it a few times.

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Thanks,that’s great advice!

Thats very good to know,thanks!