How much of a rip off is Australian Amazon

I was looking on Amazon Australia and i came across fox farm happy frog and what i seen is totally crazy the price for this product is $569 dollars

Its bloody dirt why are they charging a arm and a leg for this


Probably a third party seller that is scalping. It’s $40 USD here in the states.

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Yah its rip off big time for us here someone is making alot of money , those types of people need to be stopped for over charging people for products

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That’s crazy
I think it is $16 at my local store


Yah i was looking for Gai green 4-4-4 and i seen that

wow that is ridiculous

Wonder if they have actually sold any. Round here asking price and getting price is different :metal:

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I wasn’t sure if you care, but you have some personal information showing in this screen shot. :thinking:


$16 at the local Rural King . . . and over priced at that.

Was wondering that too :upside_down_face:

I was just at the store and the bags are 8.99 a bag.

Do they charge extra for the spider mites?


Those are free but fungus gnats pull a premium.


Thank you to the person that has blocked my details on this post ive been trying to do so but couldnt do it thanks heaps


I get 62cf of this soil 25 bucks a bag in usa from my hydro store

It’s $13.00 at my hydro shop

Have you tried using a proxy so you can shop Amazon in a different country and then have shipped to yourself as a gift? Don’t know how much it would charge for shipping or if prime would still cover the free shipping to another country.

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Everything is a rip-off in Australia

We do get bargains sometimes

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I have never found any :rofl:

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