How Much Nutrition?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“please help I have a 5 gal.bubbler that I want to grow hydroponics…
I fill the bucket with water how much nutrition is required and what would you recommend…i have three bottles of nutrients, veg,bloom,flower,and something else…im stuck.”

I’m not a hydro guy (yet) but the amount of nutrients it needs will depend on how old your plants are, so to be able to give an educated answer we would need to know the age of the plant.

To start use rooting powder like great white shark or the liquid form, totally advise getting a cheaper brand though. You really don’t need any bites at the start but I’d advise getting cal mag, if your running high temps get voodoo or some sort of CHILL nutrient so they handle heat above 83 F better. Also get some beneficial nutrient that decomposes dead roots and turns it into food for the plant, saves getting root rot and being absolutely mortified.

Keep it simple you are using a 3 part nutrient line 2ml per gal of each as they get bigger move to 5ml gal Grow 2.5ml micro and bloom. during flower 12/12 it would be 2ml grow 2.5ml micro 5ml bloom for first 2 weeks then 10ml bloom 5ml micro no grow for remaining 5 weeks