How much nutrients

Hi, i have a feeding question if the plant is drinking 1 1/2 gals and feeding schedule calls for 1 gal do i just feed the 1 gal or mix 1 1/2gals worth of nuts

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Good afternoon :smiley: I would just mix a gallon and a half of nutrients.


Thanks… just wanted to make sure

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@MrRobot Personally I would only do for the 1 gallon of nutrients and the last 1/2 gallon would just be pH’ed water.

Now if the plant is at least 6’ or taller then I would do 1.5 gallons of nutrient water. Bigger they are, the bigger their appetite will be. Small plants you would just be wasting money. :+1:

What nutrient line?

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Using foxfarm and plants are over 2ft

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Then I would not do more than 1 gallon twice a week for now. I use only FF products so I have extensive use for 4 years now. The reason I said 6’ is because I don’t train my plants and I want you to know the bigger they get, the more hungry they become.

So if you have say 8+ colas I would more than likely use 1.5 gallon nutrient water twice a week and plain water for the other days.

First grow so no training was done at all…do you stick with foxfarm full schedule or you do half the amount they say should be used and are you running a f/w/f/w

Do you happen to have discord?

I start at 1/4 dose and slowly work up to full dose.

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@MrPeat do you feed every time or go feed - water - feed? The later is what I did when I used FF.


Im doing feed,water,feed,water since its drinking every 2-3 days once it drinks more i was thinking f/w/w/f

@beardless I feed, water, feed, water, etc etc. I end up feeding a lot due to the size of plants I grow. I generally will make the strength of the nutrients at like 50%. Because how I break down the 2 feeds per week. Sativa dominant.

Like the current grow cycle I would feed, water, water, feed, water, water and etc. I would do between 1/2 to 3/4 strength. This is how I do Indica dominant.


Do you flush with sledgehammer?

Nope…I have only flushed a couple times in 4 years. I do as little interference as possible. I don’t pH, ppm, and nothing else. Just water but it does look like I will need to add nutrients since this is the 3rd grow in the same soil.

What soil are you using?

As my post above aka #7 has all the information but here you go again. I use only Fox Farm products. Soil and nutrients…1 big bag of FFOF top dressed about 4” deep of FFHF on top.

Is it possible to feed with foxfarm trio more then twice a weak?

I did but it was using drain to waste with promix hp,not soil.