How much nutrients for auto flower plants

Hello everyone I am new to growing auto flower and have not found much information as far as how much nutrients I should use?
Should I use the same amount of nutrients on a autoflower plant as I do with my feminized plants?
Should I use the same amount or just half or maybe 1/4of the amount suggested on nutrients schedule?
Thanks in advance

I just ran 16 outside in the ground. Fed them on the same schedule as my fems no problems at all.

Edit: I was using Fox Farms Trio
Have since switched to Jacks 321, same dose for all plants seed to harvest

Experts will be with you shortly. Welcome! But no. Autos do not need the same amt. Usually 1/4 to start. Also depends on soil and such. Hapy growing!

agree with @Druiddescent I would start with 1/4 dose and increase if they can handle it. Otherwise feed them…

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I am using
Royal gold kings mix organic

Ingredients: coco fiber,aged forest materials,sphagnum peat moss,perlite,coco chips,bat guano,feather meal,kelp meal,fish bone meal,gypsum,Dolomites lime,ph adjuster,basalt.
Thank you in advance