How much longer…

Growing Amnesia Haze and the sugar leaves have a good amount of amber trichs. How much longer until the flowers start changing to cloudy/amber?

You have a few weeks to go yet.

Side note, slow down your feeding of the plant. Those dark green toasty leaves are due to nitrogen toxicity.

Thanks. The pictures are about a week old. I grew in MG… Also, I’ve been bringing them in my garage at night and have a fan blowing on them. I think the hot air blowing on them is doing most of the work on the tips.

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How old from seed? Better yet, how old from first sign of flowering?

Planted on 4/21. Started flowering around 6/10

Ah, ok. @ a 60 day flower time, you were right to wonder what the hold up is. Agree with above unfortunately. She still needs some time. I’d guess somewhere around 2-3 weeks?

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That’s what I was thinking. It’s a long process