How much longer!


thinking bout a few more days !


It’s really hard to get a good look at trichs from that pic. But I didn’t see any amber, and there still appears to be areas of clear, so maybe a bit longer than a few days.

Majority of pistils have/are turning though, so check them regularly. You’re looking for as many of the clear trichs to go cloudy without getting to much amber.


Nice agree with @dbrn32 in this one
I try to get around 20% amber myself befitting i harvest
But daily checks are a good idea once they start changing over


Would light destroy my bud if i hang some in grow room ? @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32


Best to dry in a dark place with decent ventilation and a lil humidity
Light does break down the buds a lil bit and too much light and heat exposure can and will effect the quality and even flavor profile


Im with @Growit
Dark would be best
I assume it due to smell why your wanting to hang it in the grow room


Running some taste test…only descent area is my grow room . Lights cycle still going should be over soon and big harvest coming soon.




You can use a paper bag to Help quick dry that would also block light @CannabisLover89
The paper will help draw the moisture out of the core of your sample buds
Depending on size of bud it will dry faster as well


I agree, best to dry in dark. Paper bag seems to be used by many here with good results.

If you’re looking to take it a step further, I’ve seen some pretty cool Rubbermaid container drying boxes built online. Shouldn’t be hard to find some examples with a google search.


So just throw the bud in paper bag ? @Countryboyjvd1971


Yes sir if you have more than one bud try to keep it one single layer and check it every 8-12 hours depending on size and amount
They can sry fast so just keep checking till it dry enough for your needs


Just gave it a squeeze another 12 hours or day .


7 4-5 days + 24 he darkness. You may be ready but not yet


I used a card board box and ran a wire through it.
This worked great




Is the cold ok to dry in?