How much longer?

I know this is a FAQ and I’m probably being impatient but wanted to get feedback on how close I am to harvest. Seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought it would! I know they’re spindly plants but it’s my 1st grow and was limited on lighting/space.

Strain - White Widow, started seeds approx 11/01/16 indoors

Medium - Fox Farm, Happy Frog

Light - one 60w on timer, went to 12/12 5 wks ago

PH - I bought a Ph meter but it didnt work so just been using rain water or filtered water that I let sit for a week

Used fish emulsion for nutrients, nothing else.

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My best guess from the pics is at least 4 or 5 weeks that is just finishing the preflower transition into full flowering mode . They look nice though great job good luck the lighting is why they are spindly and a new ph pen will end up being important. Are you feeding any nutrients yet?


By Your pics you must wait minimum 10 days to harvest .
May be longer. Look pistils. Or better look with a magnifer tricomes.
If they are clear, cloudy or amber.
Read some guides?!!
Anyway you will harvest not much

Thanks Oldstoner, I have only used fish emulsion but stopped that as I read they aren’t supposed to get nutrients during flowering…is that wrong? I’ve been dealing w surgery/cancer stuff so they’ve been a bit neglected the past couple mos.

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You must have mistaken a post flowering is when I start boosting my nutrients. I start off with none for the first few weeks and then slowly build until they are at full strength . I even will give 2 feedings a week if they seem to develop deficiencies.


Got it, I’ll feed asap. Thanks!

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And you are at least 6 weeks out from harvest… :wink:

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Yup. :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:6 weeks min.

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In my opinion your growing media should have enough nutrients to flowering. This is when I start feeding but only on a biweekly schedule. Since these are indoor plants use the instructions for indoor feeding - otherwise you risk overfeeding and burning of the plant…and that’s a waste of time and effort…side with littler better than more…

My wisdom comes from outdoor growin - I had my first indoor grow this year and had good results with dark blonde hairs and beautiful milky opaque resin. These green nuggets of cerebral bliss dried nice and hard and give a great high that lasts a long time…I smoked a qtr pin joint and was taking my coat on and off for 5 min before I remembered I was taking the dog out !!

On my outdoor grows and also this recent indoor one I clip the tip of the main branch cola (others say no). In my experience this forces growth to lower flowers plumping them up incredibly… The cut heals and the cola continues to grow after a week or so… I do this to keep plants short, bushy, and yielding more in a small space with least amount of plants – theres a thin line between misdemeanor and felony charges in my state.

Heres a pic of one of the my four babies - good luck and may your grow prosper.



Thanks MotaMan, that’s kinda what I was thinking also w the soil and why I decided to go w it. Also why I stuck w just fish emulsion, can’t do too much harm w it. I’m actually pretty happy w the plants. I knew they wouldn’t be robust, just wasn’t willing/able to go that extra mile for an indoor grow. I have 8 seedlings started for outdoor so hopefully they’ll give me a good harvest, I have the perfect place picked out for them.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback, 6 weeks it is :)!

Those are nice little bushes - I always snip my seedlings after the fifth or sixth leaf node. That bushes them out with new main branches. I keep snippin the new branches also until I like the size of the bush. I keep mine squat with many budding branches not just one main one and I get a good harvest off of my bushes…

Good Luck


I snipped them twice but didn’t have the guts to do it again lol. They’ll do for my first indoor trial run. Was just hoping to have some harvest b4 chemo started. Oh well!

Ok guys, I bought a magnifying glass and used it to get some up close pics. I know, it’s only been 2 wks since my last pics, just getting anxious (patience is not my strong suit). I read this:
“Harvest when 70-90% of hairs have darkened for a more calming, anti-anxiety effect as some THC turns to the more relaxing CBN.”
That’s what I want. I can’t tell if the trichomes are cloudy or not but I don’t see any amber ones, only the pistols (hairs?) are amber/brown.



One other question, if it looks like some buds are ready but other not quite, is it ok to only harvest those and leave the others for a while longer? I never hear of people doing that but it makes sense to me.

If you are looking for more relaxed high and pain meds,you need to learn it go longer still a Lil clear and mostly cloudy, need more amber.
Like you said Patience

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Ok thanks :)!