How much longer you think? First successful grow

They just grow up so fast!

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She’s still a baby I’m guessing between 6 and 8 weeks. Of course there are many things that affects time to ripen, top of the line light and perfect conditions it will finish much faster than a old blurple with poor watering habits and bad temperatures


I had a blurple up to about 2-3 weeks ago, have a hlg 135w v2 rspec on them now, was just surprised with the red hairs so figured I’d check with everyone since Ima just learning still!

Different strains do different things but in general they start out with white hairs and as that portion ages more white hairs start and so on until they are done but like I said some strains it seems like once the original white hairs turn the buds just grow without alot of new ones. That’s why almost everyone uses magnification to look at the trichomes, trichomes are a more accurate way of judging ripeness. Here’s a couple pics and a link that will explain it much better than I could

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That made alot more sense than the multiple articles that all contradict each other xD thank you so much! This has been quite the journey so far diving in and learning all this stuff, makes me want to change professions xD

I know exactly what you mean about contradictions another thing that makes it difficult is that every other person says it differently and believes that their way is law and there’s no other way. Example is with defoliation the books say not to do it but the books are talking about outside where you have a light source that moves and can penetrate better than any artificial lighting system. I don’t defoliate my plants very much at all outside most pruning outside is for airflow and not for light. But inside you have stationary lighting that depending on the quality of your lights they can only penetrate so far so anything deeper than 6-18 inches is just stealing energy from your harvest. The funniest thing I’ve heard is that fan leaves are the plants solar panels which is true but what good does a solar panel do for you if it never gets light?? So why do you need the bottom leaves that are in the shade? Their answer leaves store nutrients for the plant to use when it can’t get nutes from their roots, which is true. My answer is aren’t you feeding and watering the hell out of them? So why do the plants need stored nutrients if I’m giving them plenty?

Oops sorry for the book and venting, it’s early here and I’m all jacked up on coffee lol… I was gonna delete this because it’s just ramblings but it’s my opinion on what I consider important shit so I’m gonna post it. Maybe it will help someone…
Anyways you are off to a good start watch your trichomes and if you have any questions just @ me and I’ll try to help… good luck :+1::evergreen_tree::sunglasses:


Hey you answered quite a bit of things I questioned as well again! Lol never rambling with wisdom I say! I really need to get a sorta tripod stand for my phone, he’ll of a x50 camera, but my darn shaky hands can’t keep it together for half a second lol


I have the same shaky problem, I’ve been looking at this to help you can bend it to even see underneath, middle, Etc

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Even thought the digital micro is hard for me (I have some nerve damage in my hands and have an imperceptible tremor) it is worth it.

For fun:

Photo of lower bud ready for harvest today. The large top buds went a few days ago. Last night the orange pistils were still standing up but today curled in. I can scope them but have daily for awhile. They are where I need them. Lemon Haze Auto

Not ready but close, scope daily. Blueberry X Big Bud auto

And another Lemon Haze that needs more time. Not scoping daily until I see those fat greenish pistils turn.

And for fun, this is how I scope. I will pile up on that flimsy rolling cabinet anything I can, including dog’s ashes container (old faithful Scooter still the ever hard working red heeler he was in life - and he lived a good, long life) to get a shot.

Sadly, the ladies HAD to come down today. Moving came alot sooner than expected due to a certain boss/ landlord that got pissy when I quit lol. Didn’t want to bounce the ladies around and herm them(probably kill with my clumsy self); so figured might be early, but don’t want to waste the experience/ time I’ve put in. These girls started oct 19th and are currently drying. Some bittersweet tears were loosed as the 15 minute (lol) trimming session finished up and I think I can say I can’t wait till curing is done xD I know they’re not GREAT, but holding these little/ medium buds up i get the feeling of I did this, and its a pretty great feeling! I learned alot of dos and don’t, would of been alot better prepared if I read up on peat moss like coco, but hey always next time to grow the oz’s. I’ll be back shortly with more goodies (bag that is lol) to grow

This girl was the last to sprout, and the one I stressed the hardest, but she looked really pretty the last couple of days!

Lollipoped both of these girls WAAAY to late lol

And my main girl that didn’t know to buffer peat with lime, stuff started going south reaaaaal bad this week, did a pretty awesome transplant yesterday and she weighs almost 4x the others did!

Thanks for everyone’s help again, I HIGHLY recommend not skipping veg state and going straight to flower xD