How much longer would you think?

White widow and bubble gum flipped on Oct 3


Can’t really tell trichomes but the plants are looking close to ready.

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@Myfriendis410 yeah I have a 30/60 combo jewelers loupe but it is crappy one. Super little hole

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Plants look fully mature. You have some late-stage foxtailing which is throwing some fresh pistils but that’s a sign it’s about ready. FYI some plants never do achieve any amber and cloudy is fully mature.

Do you have a plan for your end game? I mean do you:

Run water only while monitoring runoff until below a certain ppm?
Extended darkness before harvest?
Bud wash?

If closing in on your chop day I would be removing as much plant material as I can in the last week or so: maybe not quite a ‘lollipop’ but get all the fans and deficient leaves off the plant. They are all reservoirs of salts and sugars you don’t need. I crank the dehumidifier up and get the space as dry as possible. If I could get 20% I would. This will boost some last minute trichome production.


@Myfriendis410 well this is my first grow I flushed it like a week ago but they have only been getting distilled for maybe the last 2 week’s RH is been at like 40% they should get water tonight but I might just let them go or maybe water one more time and take moat leaves off and try to harvest this weekend?

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Get outta my head, man lol! Almost exactly what I was gonna say.

@Myfriendis410 is all over it. You’re in great hands. :+1:

PS - great looking plants!

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I prefer a 5 gallon bucket and I use the shower setting on my garden hose. You can use a hose wand in your shower if it’s too cold out. Wal Mart has peroxide for $.88/quart. Here’ a picture after one plant grown indoor:


So i couldnt help myself I took one down… RIP



Looking great

Ty :+1: quite pumped about it lol

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