How much longer should I Waite

I know I’m anxious and it smells really great and it looks so tasty I want to smoke it but I don’t want to ruin my thing so I want to know how close I am and should I go by like the day count for the autoflower or do I go by what I see on the trichomes

Another question I have too before I harvest how long should I flush without giving them any like n fertilizer nutrition

You look to be about 2-3 weeks away (though it’s hard to tell without seeing a full bodied plant) I’d wait about 5 days before I flushed

This plan will continue growing the buds will be getting tighter and more compressed the longer I let it go correct that’s the olive flower and I germinated it July 12th

I just said this. I’m making a post about it. SO tired of people not knowing this. Lol.
Jewelers loupe! Amazon. 12$ 30× and 60× zoom and light.
Trichs clear not ready, milky ready, sativa high, amber indica high.


Yup what shaggy said trichs will always be your most reliable timer as soon as you see amber on all your bud sites it’s safe to flush

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Wait for all pistils to be brown first. Flushing is a preference. Usually the last 2 weeks before harvest.

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Unless your pistils stay light and darken during curing. I had that happen on 1 of my plants my very first grow. I always follow trichs, but pistils are a great way to help tell too if you dont have a jewelers loupe.

Lablemark on it when I got it was an auto but it can’t be it’s been 60 days I don’t see a flower on it yetso I’m believing that it’s just a feminized plant so I’m going to cut a 12 to 12 and see what happens

Autos dont always flower in 60 days. They have a mind of their own. Yes, most seed banks have a time frame they tell you, but an auto is gonna flower when it is ready. Go ahead and change it to the 12/12 though to try to kick it into flowering.

I believe you’re right because I have two orders that are in like totally like weeks apart and stage and that skunk plant now started finally flowering when I went 12 and 12 with it so I don’t know if it was if it’s an auto or it was just a regular it was Miss labeleither way I’ll just be very glad when that’s it’s going to be a monster it’s already over three feet tall

How many more weeks you think I got I ordered a microscope off of Amazon today it’ll be here tomorrow so I’m trying to use this phone app but it’s not really working out well for me

Its hard to tell under that lighting. That’s why I always suggest getting a jeweler loupe or ttrichome scope with a led light on it. But it’s looking like you got a couple weeks left. Your pistils seem like they’re still changing, but they look milky. I’d say give it another 2 weeks. Looks beautiful though. Great job man. Lemme know tomorrow when you use it.

Photo or auto?

Auto it’s alien vs triangle

Nice. Looks great! Can’t wait for my ak to have some pretty nugs so I can take pics!

Yes it’s nice to have something to take a picture of considering time and effort we all put into this cuz we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t have the passion to do it I ordered a 4,000 w light so I’m going to blast the s*** out of these plants

What light did you order? It’s not always about the watts, it’s also how efficient your light is. Or did you mean it’s a 4000k spectrum?

It’s a side king 4000kled 2.7mjous 5x5 flower with prms no lower then 320 I got it today it’s dimmable it’s on Amazon I return to burp light it cost me a buck 60 I put $200 out of my pocket with a coupon I have a 4000kw light that covers the area that I’m using![IMG_20200916_154656366|666x500]

Pocket microscope with cool as hell I look at the buds today and they’re still clear slight cloudiness in the tips of them but that’s it which looks like looking at Crystal and little lights though

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So what you’re saying when they become Crystal clear that’s when they’re done or is it when they become Amber they’re done cuz mine are crystal clear I look through the microscope

When they’re crystal clear they aren’t ready. Milky white is ready for a sativa like high and amber trichomes will be an indica high.