How much longer? First time

This is my very first time. Put in soil on 4/1. White Widow. I honestly don’t know how long they have been flowering, I forgot to log it.


Can you possibly post a picture of the entire plant?

About 42 inches

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You still have more time. It looks like you are not using grow lights and if you are, the plant won’t produce much since you lose 75% to 80% due to the water evaporating.

If you are using a window, you won’t produce much either. They need to be outside or under good grow lights. The windows BLOCK out UVA and UVB rays.

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I completely agree with above…are you using the sun light?

No sunlight. Using an LED. Its probably junk, I made an impulse buy and bought a grow cabinet. Looked nice in pictures, but not good quality. I already took the cabinet apart and just used the light. I am never using any of this stuff again and am in the process of building my own for next go round. What should I do in meantime to make the best of this situation? Outside not an option

Also this isn’t where I am growing, I have mylar up in the closet