How much longer do you think?


I know I have a ways to go but curious on how long from you who have way more experience than I do. She’s a Northern Lights Auto. I looked at the trichomes and there’s amber there, but not many and it’s hard to tell how many are cloudy. My question really is how long does it take from say, this point to 70% cloudy/Amber. I’m going for couch lock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thanks


Looks frosty. How long since the seed emerged from the ground and how long since you say first flowering?


I wouldnt say you had a ways to go at all, looks like you’re within a week of harvest. Your tricomes can change daily. I just harvested both my plants at probably the same readiness as this.


Thanks for the response. Seeds germinated on Aug 30th and started flowering around Oct 4. It’s my first grow so I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but it seems fast!


That’s exciting…thank you! I’ll keep watching them daily with my new, handy dandy loupe!


Look through the loupe with its light off
I noticed with mine that the light made some look cloudy that were clear and some that were amber look clear or cloudy. When i looked under natural light I could see a big difference. I couldn’t make up my mind witch way was better so i went with natural light


Thank you…I’ll do that!