How much longer do y’all think I have?

Trich s are clear hair tips are beginning to turn orageish

They are building nicely but ya got weeks… Happy growing


How much bigger do you think it will get

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Genetics, and environment like shooting craps man that’s the fun thing about weed seeing them finished!!! Amazing how they change in a couple more weeks lol keep up the good work

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This is of a northern lights I took yesterday.

The pistils are turning color and are being drawn into the calyx. My guess is it has a week, 10 days, it shouldn’t be much more than that. I did cut a calyx to check trichomes under a USB scope - clear. Also cut a small sugar leave off of a bud. They turn sooner so is a good portent of time to harvest. You can see they are all clear. So just sit and wait and maintain her
This is also of a northern lights. Planted the same day, same everything. Both 49 days on 12/12 light schedule. She has a lot longer to go.
A portrait of her buds. Big difference in her pistils. Has more filling out to do which happens during the last 2 weeks.


Hi @beardless Looking good! Thanks for the images. What USB device do you use? Great image. Since your Northern is about ready in 7-10 days, did you stop adding nutes already?

I am a first time grower. Things have been going fairly well. Many great people helping, of course! My Northern was looking great and then started to have some sings of deficiencies. Hypothetical - If your grow is 2-3 weeks out, would you add some nutes to counter the deficiencies or just let her ride?

I am in “Pot 4 Pot” soil and they said nutes were not necessary with their setup, so I didn’t add anything.

Thanks. Great pics!

The one that is furthest along I will probably give a 1 gallon dose of Big Bloom. Fox Farms organic worm and bat poo. But the other flowering nutes I will not use.
The other 3 I will give one more dose of Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Then see where they are at. More than likely just water thereafter.
The USB is Plugable 2. It takes great pictures but I replaced the flex stand it comes with because it vibrates. Given that, I would probably go with one that has an solid stand. I also use a camera tripod for on plant pics.

Search the forum. I know there are posts out there dealing with deficiencies growing in pot4pot

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Thanks. Much appreciated. I have been reading a lot about P4P. Will continue reading posts.

Thanks for the link as well.


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This is my plant as of now do these still seem clear?


@Dennis62 it has fattened quite a bit in a week

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@WeedGrower47 she is a beast!!! And still going :smile: couple weeks she will be awesome. Good work man

Countdown won’t start till the pistils turn and lay down (actually drawn into the calyx). Keep her fed and watch your ph.