How much longer before i need to “flush”

Hey everyone,
I am in week 7 of flower, with white widow fems seeds. I just look at the trichomes and there 75% cloudy 25% clear. My question is i believe i am close to harvest, when should i begin the 2 weeks flush thanks!!!


I would begin flushing now, as long as there are no more signs of foxtailing.


Thank you. This is my first grow, i understand what foxtaling is. But i do not see any signs of foxtaling. Do you see any on mine?

Looks beautiful. Great job for first grow

Thank you. Alot of time, research

Exactly. Thats all it takes. Just constantly read read read and attempt. This forum helped me through my very first one and it was nice only thing was at the time i was impatient and harvested too early but was still a 3 oz plant almost under 2ft.