How much liquid nutes to water ratio

Hi all,
First time poster. I have been reading up for the last 6 weeks and ordered some seeds from ilgm. In particular I chose the white widow autoflower variety.

It’s now a little over two weeks old and I am wondering at what ratio do I mix nutrients to water. ( how much water to how many mls of nutrients)

I have the white widow auto planted in soil inside a 22.7 litre plastic pot.
Soil I am using is a seed raising mix as I’m in Australia and don’t think we have access to the fox farm variety that I see everyone on here talking about.
I bought a bottle of flora nova by general hydroponics 7-4-10. 473ml sized bottle.

Oh and I forgot to mention it’s a indoor grow and it’s my first ever grow.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m using the fox farms liquid trio for soil. Most liquid directions I’ve seen call for a few teaspoons per gallon of water. If nothing on the bottle. I’m sure you can google the directions for that particular brand.

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Yeah it says to measure up a teaspoon of the nutrient but doesn’t specify how much water to mix it with so I didn’t want to risk overdosing the plant when I’m ready to dose it.

This is all I could find on using it in soil. Not sure which one you have, but here is a chart I found…

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@Shizzl This one might be a little more clear on measurements…

I would consider starting at about 25% of the recommended amount, and increase each feeding until at full strength. It gives the plants time to adjust to them, and gives you time to see any problems that may pop up…


most of the mods recommend you wait until the 5th set of true leaves before adding nutrients but if you start off slow you should be ok. I think two weeks is to young for nutes personally. I’d wait at least one more.

How about a picture of the plant @Shizzl so we can see how she looks. Also do you know if that soil has any enrichments in it or is it straight potting soil?

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Thanks for the information everyone.
Those charts will really help my grow.
I will take a photo when I get home of the plant, I’m just at work, gotta love Mondays… not.
As for the soil, I have another bag of it so I will have a look and see exactly what is in it. I just remember it saying it was a seed raising mix. I may as well take a photo of that and once I figure out how to upload a photo I will post it up.

Sorry for the light being on. The timers were on and they can be a little temperamental if I play around with them.

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@bob31 there you go. As requested. I know the light being on makes it near impossible to tell the health of them but it’s the best I could do.

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Thank you much! I did a little check on that seed raising mix as Scott’s is the manufacturer of a product called Miracle Grow here in the US that has caused a lot of issues for us because of it’s time release fertilizers.

Also the bag has the word “Mix” in the title.

Surprisingly the scott’s website has this listed, but only lists a few of the ingredients, none of which are actual soil.

May I recommend you flip that bag over and see if you can take a picture of the ingredients?

This soil does contain time release fertilizers and therefore, no nutrients are required for the first 3 months.

I will tell you that I don’t recommend you use the mix due to the added nutrients and that you transplant them into something without time release fertilizers.

However, you plants look strong and healthy so you may want to keep an eye on them and if they start to look funny (showing excesses or deficiencies) then we can go from there.

The reason I ask for the ingredients is that the pH for soil grows is 6.5 and soiless mixes would be a water ph of 5.8



@bob31 back shots as requested.
Thanks for your help by the way. Absolute champion. Cheers mate.

@bob31 as another question if you don’t mind, the white widow has shot up in height during the night and I’m worried it will topple over on itself. How would I go by supporting it so it won’t fall over.

@Shizzl no mention of any actual soil in that mix. But it does contain time released fertilizer. I’d recommend you get something without “fertilizer” in it at all. I know how hard it is to do that with your location, so at a minimum keep a close eye on them in case they start to show any signs of toxicity.

You can use a thin dowel or stick like we used to use to tie up tomatoes back in the day You would only want it to loosely support the plant. (something size appropriate to the size of your plant.) Stems are very delicate at this age.

pH water to 5.8

NO NUTRIENTS Soil contains enough

Stretching is usually because the light is too far away.

What are you using for a light? If they are stretching then the light is too far away. How far away is the light before you move it?

Might be as simple as putting something under the pot to raise it up some, but I need to know more about the light wattage etc.

Add some soil around the stem to support it. I did the same with my Gold Leaf when it stretched. (closest plant in the pic)

@bob31 yeah the good soil is hard to find where I live. I might just try some potting mix for the next grow.

The light I’m using is a led light. Mars hydro 300w.
Currently sitting at 24 inches away from the plant which is what the instructions said to sit it at.
The stem looks like it has thickened up a little bit now so that’s a bonus.

I will add some more soil around them stem just for a precaution as you recommended though. Thanks for that @bob31

Ok good deal. Just keep an eye on them with that soil in mind! They look great!

Potting mix contains composted pinebark. I would definitely ph the soil. They have testers for that on Amazon,
Dang, great price!! I just ordered this myself. :heart_eyes:

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don’t waste your money. those are notoriously inaccurate. The best way to test your soil is in a slurry of pH water and soil. Let sit 10 minutes and check pH

pH two ounces of water to 6.5 Add tablespoon of soil wait ten minutes and check the pH


PS I bought one a few months back. They are junk.

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@bob31 quick question for you mate. Roughly how many weeks should I expect for flower period for my white widow. I’m currently half way through week 7.

You should be getting close but a pic would help. @Shizzl

Brown pistils and mostly milky to some amber trichomes