How much lime to use?

Hello Everyone,
I have a question about how much Lime to use.
I am using 3 gallon felt pots for my plants.
I have been hitting my plants hard with fertilizer right now during flowering and as the result my soil PH has dropped way down for all 3 plants. 5.7, 5.5 and 5.2.
I’ve done both for testing PH with the run off and soil samples. Both tests give about the same results. I’ve stopped giving the fertilizer two waterings ago and have been doing water at a PH of 7.
Its gotten better but not by much. So I want to add in some lime to each pot. I have room to add in some more soil on top of each plant with the lime so its tilled in.

Question: How much should I add to each 3 gal pot? I don’t want to add too much in and go to high in PH and start fighting that.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

First you need to flush the plant. Flush using properly PH’ed water, 3 times container size (your 3 gal pots need 9-10 gals water). That should bring you back into range.

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Thanks. But my plants are doing great with the increase of fertilizer. Flushing would remove all of it and I really don’t want that. Just want to increase PH higher so they can benefit from it. And use more of whats in the soil.
If it was hurting them and I was seeing issues from too much. Then I would flush the plants.
Thanks for the help. Never turn down any responses. Thats why I’m here. For you great people.

I just now got the bag and then took what they said in directions and converted down to SQ/FT of soil vs lbs of product then converted that findings to grams for weight of product. Great what conversion charts are out there. Just have to make sure its all done in dry weights

I add 4 tablespoon of lime i make my own soil and it takes a few days to a week to bring it up and thats in a 5 gallon pot and it bring my my ph up from around 5.5 up to 6.5 never goes higher then 6.5

If you go the flush route, just add some nutrients to your water before watering

If it’s slow dissolve lime I would be concerned about micro-pH problems in the soil (higher pockets of pH) Lime can be VERY basic (pH11-12) depending on the concentration.

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