How much lightning

YES, metered mine and veg/flower usually splits the max watts available.
300=155/145 or similiar.

Yes, both on, for flowering, I only reduce my switches to reduce heat.

Thank you so much, started last summer, and been a constant learning curve, ph/PPm/ nukes/ lightning etc, the last ones filled in a little better, the ones now are a little better yet. But with all this knowledge this forum has provided, my next will be even better.
Thank you all

Never was this much work, in the 80’s. Never grew like this and learning the cure is the next for your learning. Good curing to you.

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Curing, drying I have down pat. Every single person that’s tried it can’t wait for the next to be down, just have to get the quantity down, lighting I hope is the last hurdle. But I’m not naive enough to think there won’t be something else.

Plenty of experience with people liking my free smoke, in the 80’s.
I will soon be ready to share. Summer grow got positioned for seed mining.
I avoided buying a watt meter for 3 months and 9 months for the LUX meter.
Cheapies, but better than my fingers or eyes.
Stuck with lights that I have, now. Learned and know, better is needed, to hit multiple high marks.
Good growing to us!

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I wasn’t referring to cost of operation. Cost of quality lighting for a 10x10 is gonna be expensive.
Example, if you went with HLG lights which seem to be the gold standard for this forum it would require 6-7 of their 600 RSpec lights to sufficiently light that space which would cost around $4900. For the most part any light that has veg/bloom settings or recommendations would probably not be enough wattage for that space.

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Hey @Mntmannw , let me ask “How much are you looking to harvest from each grow?”
What are you currently getting from your efforts? Dry wt after all is said and done. ?
I am just a intermediate level grower but do ok with a little 3x4 tent and 4 plants.
Let us know your goal.


My thoughts if realistic or not are to get 10 to 16 per plant. Best I’ve done so far was 9 from one plant. In my 10x10 I figured the most 10 plants. Currently, with my novice thinking is to have the Bestva 4000 above the plant and 3 1000’s around the sides of each plant, but from everything I’ve read here so far, that might not be the best way to go, but hell I have probably 20 of the 1000 size lights.